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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
DDR5-4800 1Gx16 (16Gb) MT60B1G16HC-48B:A Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) MT40A512M8SA-062E:F Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind MT40A512M16LY-062E IT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16TB-062E:R Micron
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) MT40A4G4JC-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT40A2G8SA-062E:F Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WE-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WF-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) NT5AD256M16E4-JR Nanya
DDR4-3200 1Gx8 (8Gb) MT40A1G8SA-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 1Gx8 (8Gb) MT40A1G8SA-062E:R Micron
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) Ind MT40A1G16KD-062E IT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) H5ANAG6NCJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) K4AAG165WA-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) K4AAG165WA-BIWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) MT40A1G16KD-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) Ind MT40A1G16RC-062E IT:B Micron
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) MT40A1G16TB-062E:F Micron
DDR4-2666 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5AN8G6NCJR-VKC SK hynix
DDR4-2666 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WC-BCTD Samsung
DDR4-2666 512MX16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16LY-075:E Micron
DDR4-2666 2Gx16 (32Gb) K4ABG165WA-MCTD Samsung
DDR4-2666 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WE-BCTD Samsung
DDR4-2666 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WF-BCTD Samsung
DDR4-2666 1Gx8 (8Gb) K4A8G085WC-BCTD Samsung
DDR4-2666 1Gx8 (8Gb) K4A8G085WC-BITD Samsung
DDR4-2400 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WB-BCRC Samsung
DDR4-2400 256Mx16 (4Gb) H5AN4G6NBJR-UHC SK hynix
DDR4-2400 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WD-BCRC Samsung
DDR4-2400 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WE-BCRC Samsung
DDR4-2400 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WE-BIRCTCV Samsung
DDR3-1600 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V H5TC4G63EFR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4B4G1646D-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V K4B4G1646D-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3-2133 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4B4G1646E-BCNB000 Samsung
DDR3-1600 128Mx16 (2Gb) MT41K128M16JT-125:K Micron
DDR3-1600 128Mx8 (1Gb) 1.35V K4B1G0846I-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 128Mx16 (2Gb) Ind 1.35V MT41K128M16JT-125 IT:K Micron
DDR3-2133 512Mx8 (4Gb) 1.35V MT41K512M8DA-093:P Micron
DDR3-2133 256Mx16 (4Gb) H5TQ4G63EFR-TEC SK hynix
DDR3-2133 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4B4G1646E-BCNB Samsung
DDR3-2133 128Mx16 (2Gb) K4B2G1646F-BCNB Samsung
DDR3-1866 512Mx8 (4Gb) 1.35V K4B4G0846E-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 512Mx8 (4Gb) 1.35V MT41K512M8DA-107:P Micron
DDR3-1866 512Mx8 (4Gb) H5TQ4G83EFR-RDC SK hynix
DDR3-1866 256Mx8 (2Gb) 1.35V K4B2G0846F-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) Ind 1.35V K4B4G1646E-BMMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V H5TC4G63EFR-RDA SK hynix
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V K4B4G1646D-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V K4B4G1646E-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) Ind 1.35V MT41K256M16TW-107 IT:P Micron
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V MT41K256M16TW-107:P Micron
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V NT5CC256M16ER-EK Nanya
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) H5TQ4G63EFR-RDC SK hynix
DDR3-1866 128Mx16 (2Gb) 1.35V K4B2G1646F-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1600 64Mx16 (1Gb) H5TQ1G63EFR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1333 128Mx8 (1Gb) IS43TR81280A-15GBLI ISSI
DDR3-1866 2Gx16 M15T2G16128A-DEBG2R ESMT
DDR2-800 32Mx16 Ind K4T51163QN-BIE7 Samsung
DDR2-800 32Mx16 Pb-Free Halogen-Free K4T51163QN-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2-800 128Mx8 Pb-Free K4T1G084QJ-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2-800 128Mx8 Pb-Free K4T1G084QJ-BIE7 Samsung
DDR2-800 64Mx8 Pb-Free Halogen-Free K4T51083QN-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2-800 64Mx16 Pb-Free K4T1G164QJ-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2-800 128Mx8 (1Gb) Ind MT47H128M8SH-25E IT:M Micron
LPDDR5-6400 1Gx64 (64Gb) MT62F1G64D8CH-031 WT:B Micron
LPDDR5-6400 x32 (64Gb) K3LKCKC0BM-MGCP Samsung
LPDDR5 4Gx32 (128Gb) MT62F4G32D8DV-026 WT:B Micron
LPDDR4-4266 2Gx32 (64Gb) MT53E2G32D4DE-046 AIT:A Micron
LPDDR4-4266 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT53E1G32D2FW-046 AUT:A Micron
LPDDR4-4266 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT53E1G32D2NP-046 WT:A Micron
LPDDR4-3733 768Mx32 (24Gb) K4FHE3D4HM-MGCJ Samsung
LPDDR4-3733 768Mx32 (24Gb) MT53E768M32D4DT-053 AAT:E Micron
LPDDR4-3733 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4F6E3S4HM-MGCJ Samsung
LPDDR4-3733 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT53D512M32D2DS-053 WT:D Micron
LPDDR4-3733 128Mx32 (4Gb) MT53E128M32D2DS-053 AUT:A Micron
LPDDR4-4266 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT53E1G32D2FW-046 AIT:B Micron
LPDDR4-4266 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT53D1024M32D4DT-046 AUT:D Micron
LPDDR4-4266 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT53E1G32D2FW-046 AUT:B Micron
LPDDR4X-4266 x32 (16Gb) K4UBE3S4AM-MGCL Samsung
LPDDR4-4266 2Gx32 (64Gb) MT53E2G32D4DE-046 WT:C Micron
LPDDR3-1866 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT52L512M32D2PF-107 WT:B Micron
GDDR6 16Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-HC16 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14:B Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC14 Samsung
GDDR6 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-19G:T Micron
GDDR6 16Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC16 Samsung
GDDR5 8Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4G80325FC-HC25 Samsung
DDR 333
DDR-333 16Mx16 Pb-Free IS45R16160D-75BLA2 ISSI
Fast Page Mode (FPM)
FPM 8Mx8-50 3.3V 8K TSOP MT4LC8M8E1TG-5 Micron
SD 32Mx16 133MHz IS42S16320F-7TLI ISSI
SD 8Mx16-6 EM639165TS-6G Etron
SD-133 16Mx16 IS45S16160D-75ETLA1 ISSI
Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM)
SD 4Mx32 143MHz EM639325TS-7G EtronTech
DDR5 5600 SODIMM 262pins
DDR5-5600 2Gx64 SODIMM 1Rx8 (16GB) CT16G56C46S5 Crucial Retail
DDR5 5600 Module 288pins
DDR5-5600 2Gx64 UDIMM 1Rx8 (16GB) CT16G56C46U5 Crucial [2Gx8 8C]
DDR5 4800 SODIMM 262pins
DDR5-4800B 4Gx64 SODIMM 2Rx8 (32GB) M425R4GA3BB0-CQK Samsung [2Gx8 16C]
DDR5-4800B 4Gx64 SODIMM 2Rx8 (32GB) CT32G48C40S5 Crucial Retail
DDR5-4800B 1Gx64 SODIMM 1Rx16 (8GB) KVR48S40BS8-16 Kingston Retail
DDR5-4800B 1Gx64 SODIMM 1Rx8 (8GB) CT8G48C40S5 Crucial Retail
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